How to select an appropriate for skin type or purpose?

Each mitt has been crafted for skin type and purpose. Depending on the intensity of deep exfoliation required each mitt provides different depths of peeling.

Classic Face and Body Mitt

Mild mitt recommended to be used on sensitive skin and areas including face, neck and bikini line.
It provides mild peeling of dead skin cells on the body

Classic Medium Body Mitt

Medium mitt is recommended for all skin types that performs moderate peeling of dead skin cells.
Firm and oily skin types may see minimal results in peeling

Classic Thick Body Mitt

Thick mitt is recommended for firm, oily and combination skin types.
It provides premium peeling of dead skin cells

Black Medium Body Mitt

Medium mitt is recommended for normal and combination skin types.
It provides premium peeling of dead skin cells and highly recommended for removing expired tans.

Black Thick Body Mitt

Thick is recommended for oily, firm and mature skin types.
It provides premium plus peeling of dead skin cells and recommended for persons that enjoy an intense scrub.

What does it feel like to use Mitten Deep Exfoliating Mitts?

Our mitts have been crafted to provide a luxury in deep exfoliation, ensuring they are soft and smooth on the body.

All our range of mitts have been specifically designed to provide a gentle feeling of exfoliating without the feeling of coarse fabrics scratching the skin.

The feeling of our mitts, are so smooth on the body that it’s hard to believe how something so soft can deeply exfoliate and visibly remove dead skin cells.

How often should I deeply exfoliate?

We recommend once weekly usage of body mitts to ensure skin is not dehydrated and natural body oils (which protect skin against external impurities) are maintained.

Face mitts can be used 1-2 times per week for dry skin and 2-3 per week for oily skin.

When is the best time to exfoliate?

Deep exfoliation can be performed any time of the day depending on the benefit you would like to achieve.

It can be used as an early morning treatment to wake the body and encourage blood flow or used in the evenings to soothe and massage muscles.

How much can I expect to peel?

Amount of peeling depends on skin type and body area; Some areas will microscopically peel, and other areas will remove layers of dead skin cells.

Oily and Dry skin can expect to see lots of black rolls sloughing off skin.

Can I use soap or shower gel prior to deeply exfoliating?

It is recommended that no products are used on body or hair prior to using the mitt.

Mitt works off friction with skin and soaps and other products may leave a slippery residue on body restricting mitt from grabbing onto the skin and affecting the peeling of dead skin cells.

If products have been used prior to exfoliating, we advise to use mitt once all residues have been removed with water.

How long do I need to stay in bath or shower to soften skin?

Warm water is used as an alternative in homes to ensure skin is sufficiently softened to replicate the use of dry hot airused in Turkish baths or saunas.

In a bath or shower the idea is to soften skin and allow it to sweat which will prepare the body for deep exfoliation without over-rubbing.

We recommend between 1-3 minutes of softening skin in a warm bath or under warm running water.

If skin is not regularly exfoliated, a longer period may be required under warm water to soften skin. This will allow for dead skin cells to be softened and effortlessly removed.

Skin can be assessed using the mitt on a patch area, within 3 minutes to test if peeling occurs.

People with oily skin should steam for minimum 3 minutes to remove access oils from the skin.

Note: Ensure enough steam is released in the shower to assist skin with sweating.

Can mitt be used under water or shower stream?

Peeling will not occur if mitt or body is excessively wet.

Once body has been softened under warm running water, turn water off and remove excess water from body with hands.

Squeeze excess water from mitt leaving it damp. Note: Remember the mitt works off friction with skin. The damper the body, the more peeling will occur.

Can I use mitt after using baths salts or other exfoliating creams?

Most exfoliating scrubs and lotions have moisturising properties, these leave a slippery residue on skin.

Deep exfoliating will not occur if these products have been used on body prior to exfoliating, as it will restrict mitt from to grabbing onto the skin.

If skin has excess oils or lotions on it, ensure all slippery residue is thoroughly rinsed off with water prior to using mitt.

Does mitt remove self-tanning lotions?

Mitten Black range of mitts have been specifically designed for the sunless tanning enthusiasts.

Once tan is expired, mitt can be used to effortlessly resurface skin.

If lotions have been applied to the body within 48hours, peeling may not occur however exfoliation can still be performed to remove products from skin.

Does mitt work on overly hairy areas?

Mitt works off frictionand needs to grip onto the skin. Peeling may occur on overly hairy areas. We recommend that body hair is no longer than 5 – 10mm.

For males we recommend to clipper hair on legs or body prior to use, where then peeling will occur.

What are the precautions of using deep exfoliating body mitts?

  • Mitt should only be used in bath or shower with water and never dry
  • An appropriate mitt should be selected for skin type or purpose
  • After use, body may be dehydrated due to excess sweating – so drink plenty of water
  • Always use a moisturising lotion on skin afterwards
  • Use SPF 30+ after exfoliation as skin will be ultra-sensitive to sun
  • Never use on sunburnt, broken, irritated, severe acne skin or areas or eczema and psoriasis
  • Consult a practitioner if having any dermatological treatments such as laser resurfacing, facial/skin peels, skin bleaching, dermabrasion or oral retinoids
  • Mitt should not be used on eyes, nipples, perineal or genital areas
  • For hygiene purposes, mitt should not be shared with others
  • We recommend a separate mitt for face and body

People who can’t use deep exfoliating mitts?

  • Steamy rooms increase body temperature and may not be suitable for elderly, pregnant or people with blood pressure and heart conditions
  • If diabetic a medical practitioner should be consulted prior to use
  • People who have undergone any type of surgery or are on any medications that affect the body, should always consult with medical practitioner prior to using mitt
  • A medical practitioner should be consulted prior to using mitt, for people with skin conditions of eczema, psoriasis or other skin issues
  • Mitt should not be used on infants
  • Mitt should only be used for external purposes
  • People that are unsure of suitability should always consult a medical practitioner prior to use

How do I care for my mitt?

After each use mitt should be thoroughly rinsed with warm to cold-water only (without the use of soaps of detergents) and air dried.

If mitt is left wet and not damp – it may form a damp smell (we only recommend the use of 100% Olive oil soap without any added moisturizes to wash mitt.

Ensure mitt is rinsed thoroughly if washed with soap.

I have a recommendation for your product who should I contact?

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